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August 24, 2012
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NayxRomeo by AshleyShiotome NayxRomeo by AshleyShiotome
Nay x Romeo

somewhere on mobius running a childe into the forest and Romeo (19) seraching for this childe.
This kide saw a horror screnne and is danger but then comes Nay (20) and rescues this childe.
He bring then too the childehome where Romeo working.
So they two meet then.
Romeo ask Nay thet nay can help him on the childe home and he did it.
Nay and Romeo have many days help the childes on the home and romeo often saw Nay how lovly he the childs supply.
One day a other childe run into the forest and nay and romeo pursue then.
The child fall on a gorge but grab a branch.
Romeo want to help him but then brake the branch and the child fall into the gorge.
But the Nay jump into the gorge and take the child into his arms and spread his wings and fly to romeo.
Romeo knows now that Nay is a Demon but there is something other........its Love.
On the other days want Romeo don`t want confess his love too Nay because he is a demon and he have fear.
One the night have Romeo weird dreams of him and Nay and he fall more and more into love.
The nextday comes Gimonfu ( Romeos Enemy) and wont destroy the child home.
Nay is degree absent and Romeo fight with Gimonfu but he can not win.
Then comes Nay and rescures Romeo and fight Gimonfu but he have no changs and fall down.
Romeo becomes unexplores forece and creates that Gimonfu ascape.
He run to Nay and think that he die and say : pleace don`t die because i love you....
he listen a other agree.
Thats beelzeboss (Nay`s cap).
He tell romeo that Nay can`t die because he have a contract with the death he is only powerless.
But he was to many time on mobius and most back too his world the win forece.
Romeo ask that he can help thene but Beelzeboss beats him into unconsciousness.
The Next day Romeo awayk and know that he maby never saw nay again.
On the next nights he crying he miss Nay mutch.
Then one day on the hotnews.
A groub of naziz was killet and the killer is not cantch , he have a withe face.
And Romeo knows that is Nay.
He run into the city and looking fore nay.
But here on a warehouse he saw him full with blood.
He asket Nay why he do that.
Nay say thet he want revange on mobius.
The two comes too talk.
Then sayed romeo : i don`t understand you nay , i have deceived into you ; and he take him on the ear.
Nay grab him on his shirt and sayed : Did you understand what i have do on my life !? All the person a know and my home was destroy...; and he falls into his knee.
Romeo looket at Nay and going too knees and hug him.
Hey we get that okay? I am with you.
The police comes
Nay : the last person that say me that have taked her life before my eyes..
Romeo : i dont do that i have something to life
Nay smilyd and sayed : thank you my friend ^^
Nay punch Romeo to unconsciousness
sorry fore that but i protect you fore the cops.
He take Romeo and flys aray with him too his home.

Romeo awaks and have ask nay why he do that?
Nay say that he protect him.
Not many time then they are on romeos home
Nay fall down again and romeo asked whats now wrong
the voice from beelzebos have tell him that nay don`t want that romeo goes to hurt and the wenpons from the cobs.
Romeo was breathless.
Beelzeboss tell him about Nay`s life and that he lost his girlfriend.
That pore guy... : tell Romeo
Beelzeboss : concern you on Nay okay?
Romeo : promised
Nay open his eyes
Romeo was happy and Nay asket that he sleep there and romeo told yes.
On the next day going Romeo too Nay`s room
he stroke his face lovley.
Nay put romeos head on his body and tell him : thank you that i can sleep here my friend
Romeo listen the fast pusching from Nay heart and say : no cause ^^
Nay run from the room and romeo ask : hey whats wrong?
He run from the door but the give Nay him a kiss of the cheek and run down to the kitchen and waiting from Romeo.
Romeo : hungre ?
Nay : yes ^^
afthere the breakfest ask nay what today to do?
Romeo : the some
Nay smilyed to romeo and tell : ok ^^
Romeo run from the door and Nay ask him what is wrong?
Romeo tell him that he have sometihng to tell
Nay take romeo into his arms and say him : tell me whats wrong
Romeo : can you kiss me?
Nay :
Romeo want to run away but nay take him agains to his arms and kiss him.
He breaks slow down.
Nay : hey dont go down ^^
Romeo : we must go home
Nay take romeo and bear him to his bed and sit on him.
Romeo : N-Nay what you going to do?
Nay take his clotes from his body and ask : you told me sometihng.
He grab his cheek then Romeo say : I-I love you
Nay looked to his eyes and tell : is that true?
Romeo : yes . Then Nay tell him : I love you too Romeo; and kiss him again
Nay and Romeo kissed and and have do it more...
after theres fun asked Romeo nay : are we now a love few
Nay tellt him : we two are now 4-ever together my lovly Romeo
then the two kissed again

well so have Nay and Rome becomes a few :3

translate~Dark-Nay im soory for mistakes ^^;

Nay the DeWolf~Dark-Nay Romeo:me :dummy:

pic i have draw cuz i can XDD and nay did the text

but without sex scene -.-

hope you enjoy
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hehe thx you u so much is my yaoi couple
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JessieTheTiger Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I Readed The Story xD Its So Cute! <3
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and thx you so much
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